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Welcome to My Adoption Agencies where you will have an abundance of best practice and up-to-date adoption information at your finger tips. You’re probably visiting the site because you are interested in adoption. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our goal is to help birth parents and adoptive parents like you, with information you will need as you consider adoption.

This single all-inclusive website is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and helpful listing of adoption agencies and adoption resources in the United States. When considering adoption, we understand that you need information that is reliable and easy to use. With over 1,000 adoption resources available to you, it is our hope this site can direct you to information most helpful to you. Not only do we provide reliable and user-friendly information, but we provide independent and comprehensive reviews based on personal experience that allows you to see the first-hand experience of those that have utilized the services of these adoption professionals.

In addition, you will be able to obtain contact information for the adoption professionals and view the services provided by each. Your search for up-to-date information can be done by searching ADOPTION AGENCIES by state, based on location, contact methods, age of child, adoption services, race-specific adoptions, domestic adoptions, infant adoption agencies, older child adoption agencies and types of adoption – albeit it closed or open post-contact options.

Our site also features a PARENT PROFILES  section allowing those considering placing their child for adoption an opportunity to view prospective adoptive families that are waiting to have a child placed in their home, as well as, an easy method for adoptive families to share their family profiles. It is easy to use and has already been successful with matches!

My Adoption Agencies encourages those interested in adoption to read their ADOPTION NEWS blog that offers current adoption news, helpful tips and information on finding the right adoption professional and what to consider in your search, preparing for an adoption, navigating the adoption process, personal stories, insight into raising an adoptive child, post-adoption support and resources.