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Description This agency specializes in matching birthmothers to adoptive families for domestic newborn adoptions. They also provide home study services.
Location 755 SE Frontier Avenue, Suite 102
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at - said:
Please save yourself the time, money, and heartache, and go through someone else! Birthmother ads read "living expenses paid," while they tell adoptive families that they try to avoid paying birthmother living expenses. Even though your first conversation with them will sound very convincing, every line they feed you is a lie. None of the statistics they provide on their placement rate is based on true, factual evidence. They also provide little to no emotional support for the birthmother before moving forward with a match.They cut corners and do sloppy work in a for-profit business setting. Abby's is just a money-hungry business looking to take advantage of the next adoptive family who is desperate enough to fall for their scheme.
at - said:
Abby's One True Gift is a horrible agency that is only after one thing... your money! Once you agree to go through their agency, they are guaranteed $8,000 - and if your adoption fails or something is to happen, you will NOT get that money back and they will keep it. The owner of the agency Patrica Gerlitz is just plain nasty! Very rude and has no sympathy or care about you or anyone/anything - just as long as she gets her money. Social worker was terrible, office staff was always rude and short. I would never ever recommend this agency, even if it was the last agency on the planet! Our adoption failed and we heard from the agency/social worker 1 time from the day we found out our birth mother had changed her mind. Now that is a sad way and very unprofessional way of doing business, but I am sure she was taught from her very uncaring and unprofessinoal boss Patrica Gerlitz. I could go on and on about how awful of an experience we had with this agency and people within the agency. DO NOT USE them!!!!! You will thank me for not using them.
at - said:
we did not have a good experience either. we have complained with the attorney general. please message us your story with our name at any email. 'Mom' 'Cathy' 'johan' maybe we can help each other.
at - said:
Unfortunately, tens of thousands of dollars spent with Abby's did not gurantee a good experience. Sure, they matched us, but we warn everyone how unprofessional their birthmother background checks are, how uninformed our caseworker was, the gross lack of contact during our adoption, and the lack of empathy during the difficult times.
at - said:
If there was a negative 5, tha is what I would give them. They are all about the money (overnight wiring required, threatening to find other families if they don't get it, no refunds even when they are at fault, my list goes on) It is a crime that they have spent all of their money perfecting their contract so they can take your money legally because adoptive parents so desparately want a baby. I hope nobody else goes through the pain that they put my husband and I through without a thought in the world. We now have our baby, but no thanks to them. They do still have my money.
at - said:
My wife and I cannot recommend Abby's at all. They are unscrupulous and seem to be a "volume baby shop" that gets lucky every now and then. The problem is with their long-distance birthmother counseling without ever meeting them face to face! There is no way anyone can really get the measure of a person during such an important period in their lives by telephone. Abby's has a good system to get adoptive parents excited, because they get to speak with the birthmother early in the process. Come to find out, that's really not a way to do that, because the adoptive parents get attached, "sucked in", early in the process and don't see the other problems that are going on. With us, the birth mother called us frantically to say that she was being kicked out of her housing situation while Abby's had told us everything was in control. So then we had to take it upon ourselves to call apartments etc. in that city which is something we were paying Abby's quite a bit of money for. So please, do yourself a favor and avoid Abby's at all cost; they still owe us money that we'll probably not see; the owner/president keeps on not returning my calls.
at - said:
I guess I am part of the majority here. I would definitely NOT recommend Abby's. We have had two failed adoptions with them, and took an extreme amount of money from us. After both of our adoptions failed, they were not sympathetic, they just wanted our money. They don't do their homework. They made NUMEROUS mistakes in both of our adoptions. Our first adoption, the birthmother had the baby and didn't tell us. The second adoption, the mother was working with multiple families and agencies, trying to get the most money. These are both things that could have been found if Abby's would have done their job. Please don't make the same terrible mistake that my husband and I did. God bless, and I hope that everyone here finds a reliable agency...but this isn't the one.
at - said:
Abby's paired me with a birthmother that was due in 12 days. The birthmother said the due date changed. Come to find out, the birthmother had the baby and was home 2 weeks with her before the agency found out. In the meantime, they were giving her living expenses. They ended up keeping about $7,000.00 all together. They would not work with me in using some of the money toward another adoption. I thought this was a lot to keep for basically 2 weeks work.
at - said:
Please do not make the same mistake I did. The state of Iowa has a lot of information on this complany - check them out carefully. Birth mother monitoring consisted of texting with the birth mom. They did not keep their end of the bargain. The contract you have to sign is very one sided. They keep a lot of fees after it fails- but don't do what they promise to do to earn those fees. Any adoption can fail - we all know the risks - but when no one is monitoring the situation ro getting the background information, the risk of failure is going to be much higher.
at - said:
We worked with One True Gift for our adoption. We tend to be "those" parents who ask ALOT of questions but they were always answered for us and we never felt like we shouldn't ask, they always seemed welcomed by the ladies of that agency. We actually had a failure the first time after the birthmom we were partnered with chose to keep the baby but after a couple of months we got back on board again and One True Gift matched us with our sons birthmom. We thank God everyday for all of the work they did for us and I honestly can not say enough good things about them.
at - said:
I would be careful usign this agency. We had a terrible experince with them and also lost a lot of money. It is important for an adoption angency to do thier homeowrk on the situation that they are presenting. In our hopeful adoption this did not happen. Contact the attorney general's office for a list of compliants before making a decision to use this agency.
at - said:
I would avoid using this Agency. They have multiple complaints being investigated by the State of Iowa and are in danger of loosing their license. There is a current lawsuit filed against them for what appears to be offering a couple a baby that they knew the birthfather wished to parent. Their fees for failed adoptions are extremely high, much higher than industry standard, and in a recent article in the Des Moines Register, their owner claimed that 50% of their placements end in failure. That shows a systematic lack of due diligence on their part. Too many red flags to use with any confidence.
at - said:
I am a birthmom who used Abbys One True Gift when I decided to put my daughter up for adoption. I made alot of calls to different places i found online and in the phone book. The person who answered the phone immiediately asked about me and took the time to find out who I was and what I was wanting in an adoption. A bunch of the other places either had me leave a message or they just asked for my name and address and sent me books without even finding out what I wanted. I had a call with my daughter's adoptive parents and chose them after a long call with them and my worker. My worker at Abbys checked on me and took time to answer my questions when I would call and ask. I gave my daughter to her parents almost 2 years ago and although I still have times where I am sad, it was a great decision and I am very happy with what i did. I have read some things about Abbys online and it makes me sad to see people who feel they had bad experiences. I am sorry for those who did not get babies but for those of you who are wanting to adopt a baby I think Abbys really does a good job of finding the right birthmom and matching her with the right family.
at - said:
My wife and I adopted our beautiful baby girl last year from Abby's and they were up front with us from day one. They got back to us in a timely manner and completed everything they promised. Recently, there were some stray legal bills that came from our lawyer and I called Abby's and they took care of it long after the fact of them having anything to gain from us. They were honest in their dealings with us and we would use them again. I think for the most part we were fortunate in the young lady who was our birthmother which made the process easier.
at - said:
I would not recommend Abby's. We worked with them on two adoptions and both failed, costing us over $30k in agency fees and birth mother expenses. Like the other reviewer said, they do not do their homework. We were scammed by the first birth mother and were able to find out more about her criminal background on our own than through the agency. The social workers deal with the birth mothers over the phone, not in person. In short, they're unprofessional - all of the typos and spelling errors on their website and in their official documents are a red light. Please do not make the same mistake we did.
at - said:
We used Abby's One True Gift to adopt our two youngest children. We had a wonderful experience both times we adopted through their agency and feel blessed to have had them to help us complete our family. I would recommend them to everyone!
at - said:
I would not recommened this agency. Adoption failure is a risk with all adoptions but they do not do thier homework. Contact the attorney general or state liscensing board in the state of Iowa and get a list of complaints to get a better picture of this agnecy.