ABC For Adoption, Nfp

Agency ABC For Adoption, Nfp
Description ABC is an Illinois adoption agency that focuses on domestic adoptions. They provide homestudy services and have an agency assisted adoption program for those who are already working with a birthmother and need help with adoption paperwork, advertising, training, and more.
Location 2275 Half Day Road
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Caucasian Adoptions
Biracial Adoptions
African American Adoptions
Asian Adoption Program
Hispanic Adoption Program
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Domestic Adoption Program
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at - said:
Low adoption rate and cost is way to hight compared to other agencies. Staff was very rude! Do not recommend
at - said:
I gave up two boys to this adoption agency and would have to say that they are great . I worked with Rita and she was just amazing . The financial assitance they offered was great and helped me get on my feet with the two previous children I had at home.
at - said:
This will be my third time working with the agency and I have to say I live it . They offer us birth moms financial support during the pregnant along with counseling and a great case worker that fit your need mine personally would have to be Rita and I would refuse to work with anybody but her although the rest of them are just as great . Thumbs up for abc and I would defiantly recommend this to any birth mom looking to place !