Excellent Service for Birth Moms

There are various adoption agencies in Utah and choosing one that fits your situation is very important. A Act of Love agency has been a leading agency in helping birth mothers in Utah and around the country for many years. The agency is compromised of 25 adoption professionals who have a unique quality of experience with adoption first hand. They are well known for providing living arrangements and medical services throughout the birth mothers pregnancy. This facilitates the adoption process and gives the birth mother a safe environment throughout her pregnancy. A Act of Love is an adoption agency in Sandy, Utah. In nearly 20 years of business they have provided help to hundreds of birthparents with physical, emotional, and mental support at the time of placement as well as afterwards. Some of the services include:
  • Counseling to the birth mother to ease the stresses of the adoption process
  • Each birth mother and adoptive family is assigned a case manager
  • Transportation during the pregnancy for the birth mother
  • Medical Costs are covered by the agency throughout the pregnancy
  • Living Expenses are also provided by the agency including the cost of food
  • Individual and group counseling are also offered
  Services for Families Seeking Adoptions:
  • Attentive staff is always provided by A Act of Love Adoptions, an adoption agency Salt Lake City, and they are always willing to address any concerns
  • Each family is assigned a social worker that will look after the case throughout the entire process
  • Each family is given a home study program to help them better comprehend the course of an adoption
  • The social worker that is assigned to the adoption arranges all of the paperwork that is needed. This includes medical reports and background checks that are necessary for every family adopting a child
  • The time for placing a child in a home is brief, and you are ensured that children are matched with the right family
  • The agency also provides orientation classes to guide families through the process of adoption
  • Post-Placement visits are also done on a regular basis to make sure the family is adjusting well to the new child in the home
Why Choose A Act of Love Adoptions Agency:
  • The needs of the families involved are given priority above anything else
  • The agency reviews every case carefully, understanding that each adoption is different
  • The counselors are diligent and so the support system for the mothers during the pregnancy is top notch
  • The agency will guide the birth parents in choosing what type of adoption suits them the best and also in choosing prospective families
There are many SLC adoption agencies however A Act of Love has the experience, the loving staff, and the personal service to help you throughout the entire process. They are available at all times and they welcome any questions or concerns. Feel free to contact them by phone, email, or stop by their offices for a visit.