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Description The Child Saving Institute has helped thousands of children find loving homes where they can be cared for in both Nebraska and Iowa. The Child Saving Institute specializes in Infant adoption, Minority or Interracial adoption, foster child adoption, post-adoption services and pregnancy counseling. The Child Saving institute seeks to "grow" families with children who are longing to be loved.
Location 4545 Dodge Street
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at - said:
I had a great experience with this agency. They were kind and very knowledgeable and walked me through the adoption process step by step. They worked at my pace to make sure I felt comfortable with my decisions. I am very pleased with my experience and would recommend this agency to others.
at - said:
I have has a very bad experience with this institution. The child I was fostering to adapter had more issues that were not disclosed to me. After repeated attempts to get his therapist and her supervisor to help with his behaviors and anger management failed; they were called to remove him from our home. After a period of time, I wanted to move to another agency, but our files were put on hold. Once the files were released, we were told by the other agency they could not hire us due to statements from CSI. Very displeased with the lack of help and information from CSI.
at - said:
I did not have a good experience with this agency. As a new foster to adopt parent I was unaware of a lot of things. I was never given the childs record for review nor was there any help in getting behavior resourcses for the child. When I started to question their practices and why I did not see his file; individuals I spoke with seem to not know anything. The child disrupted from my home and when I asked for my file to be transferred to another agency, negative statements were put in the file. I did not find this out until I inquired at the other agency about my status. CSI has yet to disclose what they put in my file.
at - said:
I had an open adoption through this agency 19 years ago. When I asked for help this spring to meet my biological daughter, the agency had trouble finding my records. After finding the records a day later, they contacted the family and they were not able to provide any further assistance or information(they likely spent about 5 minutes of effort), other than my biological daughter/family were not interested in meeting me. They didn't really care about my opinion or best interests. I asked why this family was allowed to be in an open adoption if they were not open to allowing me to meet my biological daugher, and the CSI representative for past cases had no answer or advice. Think twice before considering an open adoption with them, once the adopting family has your biological child, you will be on your own.