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Birthfather Support & Services

Birth fathers that are seeking support for an adoption plan or involvement with an adoption plan have access to adoption information and services. Many birth fathers are active participants in adoption planning. They understand that adoption is in the best interest of their baby and want to provide a social and medical history that will allow the child to have access to this information as needed or as they so choose. Being a part of the adoption plan can help birth fathers to feel confident and supported as they move through the process. Involvement with the planning for your child’s future can allow for a child to have information about their birth father and to know of the love that was given to plan for their future.

It is still possible, in many instances, for birth fathers to be involved with the adoption plan whether the birth father is still in a relationship with the birth mother or not. Talking with an adoption counselor or adoption agency can help provide information and support to answer questions about the adoption and make decisions that are best for your child. Your involvement in the adoption plan can help to bring comfort to the birth mother and her decision to make an adoption plan. Most importantly, know that you have many choices in planning for your child.

Confidential and Private Services Available for Birth Parents

Adoption Process Information

Making contact with an adoption agency caseworker or adoption counselor can help provide you with information on the adoption process and the many choices available in creating an adoption plan. You can usually make contact through text, email, meet in-person or communicate via phone or Skype.

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Learn About Post-Adoption Contact

The contact following an adoption placement can vary depending on your needs and desire for contact. An adoption professional can help to provide you with the information to make a plan that feels comfortable for you. You may not want any contact or you may desire to have the agency hold pictures and letters for you until you are ready for them. Some birth parents choose to have continued contact through emails, Skype or visits. The agency staff can assist both birth mom and birth dad to create a plan that meets their needs and the needs of the adoptive parents.

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Talking to Your Family about Adoption

The thought of discussing an unexpected pregnancy and adoption plan with your family can sometimes cause anxiety and uncertainty. An adoption professional can provide you with information and insight to help you talk to your family about the pregnancy and your options. Having the support and understanding of an adoption professional can help to guide you as you make the decisions about your baby.

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Counseling & Support

The emotions and feelings involved with an adoption plan both during and after an adoption plan can begin to feel confusing and overwhelming. Having a professional that understands the emotions and feelings involved with placing your child for adoption can help you to move forward in a healthy and positive manner. Just knowing that you have a neutral person that truly cares about you can bring a peace of mind. Your counseling may happen along with the birth mom or you may choose to have your own separate counseling.

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Adoptive Family Selection

In many cases, birth parents choose to select the adoptive family for their baby. Adoptive families are selected by their profile composed of a letter and photos, phone conversations, Skype or meeting in person. Finding the right adoptive family for your child will help bring you a peace of mind and confidence in placing your child for adoption. With the birth mother’s permission, many birth fathers are involved with the adoption agency in selecting the adoptive family.

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Planning for the Hospital

Making a plan for the hospital helps to ease the anxiety and creates a positive experience for the birth of your baby. With the birth mother’s permission, you can be a part of planning for the hospital. Some of the decisions you will make involve deciding who you would like to be at the hospital. You may choose to have the support of your family and friends, adoptive family and the agency staff or you may choose to just have the private time alone at the hospital. With the support of your counselor, you and the birth mother can compose a plan that works best for you.