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Things to Keep In Mind When Considering Adoption

You may find yourself considering adoption as an option for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you’re financially unable to provide for a child right now or maybe your relationship isn’t a solid one that you feel comfortable welcoming a child into. No matter what reasons have you considering adoption, its important for you to remember […]

Family is What You Make of It

When I was mere three-year-old little girl, my mother and biological father realized their marriage was no longer working. Pregnant with my beloved sister, my parent’s had to wait until my mother gave birth to my sister before their divorce could be finalized. Neither my arrival nor my sister’s was unplanned nor unexpected. However, the […]

Proposed California Law! On Abortion!

Recently, California has proposed a bill that, if passed, will require both public and private insurers to cover abortion fully. Obviously, this news immediately caught our attention at A Act of Love Adoptions, (, so we began conducting some research and looking further into what all this means and how it will potentially effect the […]

Women Who Are Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy! Get Help!

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy a woman must make many decisions. To parent or to choose adoption is a huge choice that thousands of women are faced with every year in the United States. For those of you who have decided that adoption is best for you, we at have compiled a list […]

National Adoption Day is Coming!

These days it seems we have a “National Day” for everything. From “National Siblings Day” to “National Donut Day” one is sure to find a “National Day” for something just by scrolling through social media. November 18th is a day we should all take note of. Since being founded in the year 2000 by The […]

What’s New In Adoption News?

Many people have heard both the terms “open adoption” and “closed adoption.” An open adoption is defined as: a form of adoption in which the biological and adoptive families have access to varying degrees of each other’s personal information and have an option of contact (Wikipedia), while closed adoption is define as: Closed adoption (also […]

Adoptions Laws and Regulations

Adoption laws and regulations have long been hot topic issues. Recently, more than a few states have initiated new legislation regarding adoption laws and regulations. Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Texas have each proposed new legislation regarding their state’s adoption laws and regulations. Pennsylvania has proposed to change it’s regulations, with the support of local adoption agencies. […]

Adoptions in the United States and Abroad

Each year approximately 123 million women become pregnant. Of these pregnancies, up to 87 million are estimated to be unplanned or unintended. In fact, it is estimated that 50% of all pregnancies in the United States each year are unplanned. It should come as no surprise then that the rate of United States domestic adoption […]

Advice for Birthparents

Placing a baby for adoption is a major, life changing decision. It is a decision not to be made lightly and should be done with careful consideration, counseling and a clear plan. This is where the services of an adoption agency are invaluable. Asking someone to navigate through an adoption plan and placement alone is […]

Year old boy is Adopted by His Foster Parents

Dave and Amanda Dula became the legal parents of five year-old Caleb this past week. The couple have been the foster parents of Caleb since he was placed in their home in 2014. It has been a long road for the family. Caleb had been abused and neglected by his birth family. He was then […]