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Adoption Enriches the Lives of Many

Expectant parents and perspective adoptive parents consider adoption everyday.  Women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy consider all of their options for their child.  Those who choose adoption love their children beyond measure and are searching for a family to love their child.  Perspective adoptive parents are yearning for a family and the child they […]

Searching for Biological Parents

Beginning the search for a biological parent may be confusing and difficult.  If information regarding the biological family is not available, the search may begin with a birth date and hospital.  Some states provide reunion registries that allow adopted children and biological parents to find each other.  Because privacy of each party is important, information […]

Abortion Alternatives

Give yourself the chance to look at all of your options.  Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision about your unplanned pregnancy.  Many women deeply regret the decision they made when they chose abortion. Adoption is a beautiful alternative to abortion.  Choosing life for your baby IS also choosing to be able to […]

U.S. Olympic Adoptee Searches for Family

Like many adoptees, Paige McPherson was curious and had strong feelings she needed to try and find her biological family.  When adoptees begin the search for their birth parents and biological families they never certain of what they will find. Before adoptees begin the search for birth parents and biological siblings, it is important that […]

Reality Star Shares Adoption Experience

Sometimes just knowing that someone else has walked in your shoes helps you to heal and move forward with your path to feeling whole again.  It may be someone you know personally, an acquaintance or someone you know as an athlete, movie star or in the media spotlight. Having someone to help you get through […]

Adopting? Get Informed

Adoption professionals caution perspective adoptive parents to get informed and educated before making their decisions about adoption.  When adoptive parents are choosing an adoption agency or professional, it is imperative that they do their homework, get references and have a comfortable feeling moving forward with the agency or adoption professional. The adoption agency or adoption […]

The Beauty of Open Adoption

…Unexpected pregnancy? With unexpected pregnancies, come decisions regarding your unborn child.  For many, the options of parenting and abortion come to mind while adoption may or may not. If you have never experienced adoption or been touched by adoption, it may seem to be an unlikely option.  Take the time to learn about adoption and […]

Critical Information Needed in Adoption

Providing truthful and accurate information, both as an adoptive parent and an expectant parent choosing adoption is critical to the happiness and safety of all involved. It is important to secure a safe and happy adoption placement for a baby.  In order for an adoption agency or adoption professional to be able to provide a […]

Protect Yourself From Adoption Fraud

How can you avoid becoming a victim of adoption fraud? The best thing you can do is research. Learn everything you can about adoption and the best possible ways to avoid being scammed. Meet in person with the birth parents and get to know them.  It will be helpful to work with a reputable adoption […]

Adoption: The Wait is Finally Over!

For more than four years, a California couple had tried to have a family. Many family and friends hoped and prayed that this couple would one day become parents. Finally, last month, their dream came true. They had been talking with some birth parents who had selected them to be the adoptive parents for their […]