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Helping Children Prepare for an Adopted Sibling

Adoptive parents, that already have biological or adopted children and are adopting again, have a decision to make. When is the right time to tell your children that you have been selected or matched with a birthparent? It is a tricky situation and many parents find that they want to protect their children from possible […]

November National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month! Where and how did a national adoption month start? The idea came out of Massachusetts as an effort to gain adoptive parents for children in the foster care system. Governor Mike Dukakis, governor of Massachusetts in 1976, proclaimed a state adoption week and the idea spread across the country. During […]

The Evolution of Open Adoption

There was a time when adoption was a closely guarded secret. When a woman found herself pregnant and unmarried, she was often shamed and hidden from her social circles. Families of teenagers and women in their twenties would make arrangements for the birthmother to travel out of state to live with extended family members or […]

Missouri Family Adopts Three, Receives Angels in Adoption Award

Missouri Congressman, Jason Smith, nominated Kendall and Laurie Clarkston for the Angels in Adoption Award that was given on Tuesday evening. He told of the Clarkston’s genuine example and definition of giving your heart and soul to children who need a forever family. Both Kendall and Laurie work as physicians in Willow Springs, MO. They […]

Family of Eight Adopts Three Special Needs Children

The Shupe Family is very unusual, but in a very good way! Mr. & Mrs. Shupe, two school teachers, met and married. He had three children and she had three children, so they were immediately a family of eight! Five years later, they began thinking about adopting a special needs child from another country and […]

Adoption Enriches the Lives of Many

Expectant parents and perspective adoptive parents consider adoption everyday.  Women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy consider all of their options for their child.  Those who choose adoption love their children beyond measure and are searching for a family to love their child.  Perspective adoptive parents are yearning for a family and the child they […]

Searching for Biological Parents

Beginning the search for a biological parent may be confusing and difficult.  If information regarding the biological family is not available, the search may begin with a birth date and hospital.  Some states provide reunion registries that allow adopted children and biological parents to find each other.  Because privacy of each party is important, information […]

Abortion Alternatives

Give yourself the chance to look at all of your options.  Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision about your unplanned pregnancy.  Many women deeply regret the decision they made when they chose abortion. Adoption is a beautiful alternative to abortion.  Choosing life for your baby IS also choosing to be able to […]

U.S. Olympic Adoptee Searches for Family

Like many adoptees, Paige McPherson was curious and had strong feelings she needed to try and find her biological family.  When adoptees begin the search for their birth parents and biological families they never certain of what they will find. Before adoptees begin the search for birth parents and biological siblings, it is important that […]