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Gift of Adoption Helps Adoptive Families Fund Adoptions

Non profit organization, Gift of Adoption, is a unique nonprofit. One hundred percent of every donation goes directly to an adoption. Gift of Adoption was started in 1996 by Wisconsin couple, Gene and Lucy Wyka, who are parents of three adopted children. It began as a private family foundation, but In 2001, Gift of Adoption […]

Opening a Closed Adoption

Many adoptees are having their DNA tests done to find out about their heritage. Some are placing the results on various web sites where others can look for matches. There have been hundreds of cases where adoptees have been contacted by possible biological relatives. This, along with sealed adoption records becoming legally available in various […]

Help with Adoption Expenses

Many families are discouraged by the costs of adoption. Costs do vary but the average domestic adoption is $30,000 including adoption agency fees, attorney fees and travel. There are some ways to get help with those costs. Families who adopt a child from foster care may qualify for monthly subsidies to help with the costs […]

Don’t let Lack of Funds Stop You From Adopting

There are many Americans who would love to adopt either domestically or abroad, but the high costs prohibit them from doing so. One young couple had recently paid off their school debt and were determined not to go into debt for adoption. They felt that debt puts people into a bad situation. There feeling is: […]

New Jersey Opens Sealed Birth Certificates In January 2017

New Jersey is the latest state to pass a law allowing adoptees access to their original birth certificate with their biological parents’ name. In addition, any medical history that has been sealed would also be released to the adoptee. This new law will take effect in January 2017. As in other states, birthparents wishing to […]

Adoptive Family Loses Home in Fire

A house fire in central Utah completely destroyed the home of an adoptive family. The fire began while the family was at church on Sunday. Fortunately, the home was empty. Unfortunately, the entire home was destroyed and is a total loss. The adoptive couple, Mike and Misty Stutz have adopted 16 children from the foster […]

Adoption Day Marathon

The month of November is known nationally as Adoption month. And this was a great week for adoption in Clark County, Nevada. In the Clark County Family Courthouse, courtrooms were busy. Dubbed Adoption Day Marathon, six courtrooms were busy making sure 3,500 children were given a permanent home. Many of these children being adopted had […]

Sibling group reunites after 54 years

In 1962, four children of the same family who had been living in the foster care system, were placed for adoption into separate homes. The age range of the children was 7 months to age 5. The story is sad. The family lived in extreme poverty. One day while their father was at work, their […]

Helping Children Prepare for an Adopted Sibling

Adoptive parents, that already have biological or adopted children and are adopting again, have a decision to make. When is the right time to tell your children that you have been selected or matched with a birthparent? It is a tricky situation and many parents find that they want to protect their children from possible […]