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Adoption is Everywhere!

As I stood in a long line waiting to check out at a department store, people were exchanging Christmas greetings and talking about the holidays. We were all lamenting about having to work and get all the shopping, decorating and baking done. One woman in line was an acquaintance of mine and asked how my […]

Open Adoption

I spoke with a recent adoptive mother and father today about their feelings about the adoption process. With great joy they expressed how worth it their adoption journey was and about the changes they made within themselves along the way. As they looked back, they knew very little about the adoption process when they decided […]

Knew It Was Right!

You could feel the joy in birthparent M & C’s heart as they realized they would be able to place their precious baby girl in the arms of the adoptive family before the baby discharged from the hospital. The pregnancy and adoption plan had been a whirl wind starting with an unexpected C-section, choosing the […]

Pregnant? How to Choose an Adoption Agency

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and thinking of adoption? Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how to choose an agency? Here are a few tips: Choose an Adoption Agency that is licensed. Adoption agencies are licensed by the state they are in and have to renew their license every year. Some adoption agencies have offices […]

Grateful in Georgia

A single woman in Georgia found herself pregnant after having recently lost her job. She had placed a baby for adoption six years ago with a loving family. Since that time she had been raising three little girls that had been born after the adoption took place. She had moved many times and did not […]

Why Honoring Your Openness Agreement is Important to the Adopted Child… Part 1

For the majority of adoptions, the openness agreed by both parties is honored, healthy for all involved and a beautiful way to tell a child’s story. The commitment to openness allows for the adoption triad to stay connected and for all to move forward with their lives. Openness can mean many different things to many […]

About Barry

This blog was not planned but, I feel it has been twenty years in the making. My first experience with adoption occurred Thanksgiving of 1989 when my step-mother and father brought three year old Paul into their home. I had been living out of town as a college student and not been told about their […]

8 Things That Will Go Right With Your Adoption pt 1

Adoption horror stories and bad experiences tend to grab headlines and, more commonly, are becoming fare for reality TV. Meanwhile, the vast majority of adoption stories unfold in the way that they should; privately and with an abundance of love. I think this distorts the picture of adoption. By far, most adoptions (especially those handled […]

8 Things That Will Go Right With Your Adoption pt 2

So, with the concept of Moirai in mind I would predict that having made the difficult and courageous decision to explore the idea of adoption: 1) Finding a Special Advocate.  Your heart will lead you to the right advocate.  Be that an experienced adoption agency or adoption attorney, I believe that after comparing and contrasting […]

Bonding and Attachment Issues

Attachment between humans is a complex process.  Although there are a few definitions out there, the one that I happen to like is:  “An affectionate bond between individuals that endures through space and time and serves to join them emotionally.”  Positive attachment helps children trust others, become self-reliant, increase feelings of self-worth, better cope with […]