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Oklahoma Angel

A young married couple with two children in Oklahoma recently found themselves in an interesting situation. Soon after their second child was born, the wife had a tubal ligation because her health was deteriorating with a debilitating disease and she had to be on long-term medication that could harm a baby if she became pregnant. […]

Commonly Asked Questions by Adoptive Parents

When should I tell my child they are adopted?   How do I tell my child they are adopted? And…How much do I tell my children? One of the best answers from adoption professionals, adoptive parents and experts is to really listen to your child, take cues from your child and keep an open dialogue.  Honestly […]

Help Finding an Adoption Agency

There are many adoption agencies available to you. Both birthparents and adoptive parents need to trust the people helping them with the delicate and complicated responsibility of adoption. It’s important to understand who you’re working with and what services they offer you. There are several different Utah adoption agencies but A Act of Love will […]

Are You Considering Adoption?

A Act of Love is a UT adoption agency that provides birth parents, considering adoption, with information and options to make the best decision for themselves and more importantly, for their baby. The decision to place a baby for adoption is one of the most difficult things a mother may ever have to do. It’s […]

How to Become Adoptive Parents

Adoption is a precious and selfless gift if you are thinking about adopting a baby through a Utah Adoption agency. A Act of Love is an adoption agency in Sandy, UT which was established for the purpose of serving both the birth parents and adoptive parents successfully handle the adoption process. They are one of […]

Could Adoption be Right for your Baby?

When thinking about placing your baby for adoption, A Act of Love Adoptions is a Utah adoption agency known throughout the Unites States for providing the best services to birth mothers.

Excellent Service for Birth Moms

There are various adoption agencies in Utah and choosing one that fits your situation is very important. A Act of Love agency has been a leading agency in helping birth mothers in Utah and around the country for many years. The agency is compromised of 25 adoption professionals who have a unique quality of experience […]