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Act of Love is the nation’s preeminent adoption agency, providing high quality services and care for birth parents and adoptive families alike. Prominent in the adoption community for best practices since 1993, the experienced, professional team at Act of Love is committed to meeting the diverse needs of the adoption triad with love, care and integrity.
Act of Love was founded by a mother of 10, eight of whom are adopted. The beauty of the family is at the center of Act of Love’s mission. Each team member has been touched by adoption, and the passion for adoption work is evident in the success Act of Love has demonstrated in meeting the wide-ranging needs of its clients and ensuring the best interests of each child placed for adoption.
Act of Love strives each day to maintain its reputation and the respect it has earned in the adoption community. Act of Love is committed to exceeding the expectations of its clients and making a lasting and loving difference in the lives of children.

9561 South 700 East Suite #101


Dear Kathy, About 2 ½ years ago, I attended an orientation at A Act of Love. You happened to be there that night and we were able to talk. I am single and was looking to adopt. You were very kind and excited for me. I was so scared because I am single and felt that everyone would be judging me. I was signed up to be a foster parent but had not had any placements and I was so discourage. At that time, you told me there was a child for me but you didn’t know if it would come through your agency. I’m happy to announce that a beautiful girl, aged 4 was placed in my home a few months later. I was able to adopt her when she was 5. I will be eternally grateful to you for your kindness. As a single woman looking to adopt, I couldn’t have felt more loved and accepted by your agency. You were right my daughter didn’t come through your agency but I will forever be grateful for your kindness. Thank you

N.B. | September 28, 2015

I give Act of Love an A rating…All the people were very sweet, and patient. I’m glad I always had someone to talk to. I loved everything about the agency. From D.T.

Anonymous | September 22, 2015

Linda was always courteous! Tarilee was always helpful! Laraine, Traci & Isaac are all great!!! Carlene was superb! The agency was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Kathy was just terrific! Impressive that she took the time to sit and talk with us.

A & K | September 22, 2015

I give Act of Love an A rating…All the people were very sweet, and patient. I’m glad I always had someone to talk to. I loved everything about the agency.

D.T. | September 22, 2015

We didn’t feel pressured with the first phone call, just really cared for. The placement happened so fast. The office staff spent lots of personal time with us. We give them an A rating. We really liked the care we received. Everyone was so happy for us when our baby came home. What an amazing experience!

M and J | September 22, 2015

I want you all to know how much I appreciate each of you. I don’t know if you realize just how much help it is to hear that friendly voice at the times when all I want to do is cry and run. I know what I did was not only the best thing to do, but it was the only thing to do and I believe that without your help, I would have backed down. Thank you so much!

Deedee | July 27, 2015

I’m so glad I found Act of Love and came to their program. I was so lucky to meet all of them. At home I’m a recluse and have very few friends. This whole experience made me a better person thanks to everyone at Act of Love. They made me feel loved and I thank them.

Krysten | June 17, 2015

We would rate Act of Love with an A! Tarilee did an awesome job with us. Carlene was awesome with the application process. Everything went so smoothly and we would contact Act of Love again for services! Thank you!!!

Adoptive Couple | May 19, 2015

The thing we liked best was you were straight forward, honest, helpful, wonderful people. Thank you!! There isn’t anything to change. You guys do a good job
Thank you so much to Laraine, Traci and Jessica! We give you an A+

M. B. & F. B. | May 5, 2015

Many of the people at Act of Love have gone through adoption and have real life experiences they shared with us and gave good advice. We love this agency and the people that work here.

N & B | February 9, 2015

Everyone was so professional and sensitive to our needs. Always helfpul and accommodating! We would definitely come back!!!

Happy Parents | December 17, 2014

Thank you Act of Love! Your agency has been so great and professional and loving! We really had a positive experience and enjoyed our recent finalization!

G Family | November 26, 2014

This agency provided love and understanding. They were never judgmental. Great atmosphere!

Tara | November 26, 2014

Act of Love gave us great support through the whole adoption process.We can’t believe how smoothly everything went. Shelly & Tarilee were not only good to us but to our birthmom as well. She needed so much love and we are so grateful that she was taken care of during the most difficult time of her life. We thank you all for helping us build our family. We love our little boy so much, in these few short weeks he has enlightened our lives more than we can explain. We are so grateful to Act of Love and our birthmother

Jim & Shauna | November 26, 2014

Act of Love did an awesome job at always being patient, answering our questions and keeping us informed. We give them an A rating and would adoption again with them!

K & J | September 23, 2014

My wife and I placed our baby for adoption with A Act of Love. Everyone at the agency treated us with courtesy — so perfect! The information couldn’t have been better and the agency was prompt every time we needed something–So helpful!!!! Everyone was great, couldn’t ask for better!

Rich | September 19, 2014

The thing we liked best about Act of Love and its services was that we instantly felt like family. Everyone was helpful in building our family. Laraine was fabulous. We felt like family by the time she left the hospital. A+ rating. We would definitely come back to Act of Love for another adoption.

Dan & Megan | September 3, 2014

We can’t thank you enough for helping us start our little family. We love our baby boy so much & couldn’t imagine our life without him. Thank you for all the phone chats, paper work & everything it took to find our baby.

Josh & Kelsie | September 3, 2014

A Act of Love Adoption Agency is the most respective agencies that i had found on the internet. I will work through them in my situation…They are respectful and professional. for any adopting family or birth parents…

Mr. Newbold | May 21, 2014

Just checkin in! Im doing fine & wanted to thank you all so much for your support. I love you guys. Im doing okay. I think about my little guy and his parents all the time. I also wanted to say thank you to guys and them for the photos they mean alot to me. Im so glad i could be apart of completing a family. I love all of you. Keep in touch.

M.N. | July 16, 2014

I won’t deny that when I called Act of Love Adoption Agencies I was scared and unsure of what I was about to do or if this was the agency that could help me. After calling other agencies something kept drawing my attention to Act of Love. Today I can say with all honesty that I thank God for putting them in my path during this difficult time. If it wasn’t for all there support I don’t think I’d be feeling this way. Its a mix of pain for having to put my baby up for adoption but happiness they found me a great family And I have no doubt in my heart that they will be great parents to my baby. And the fact that Act of Love made sure I could still have communication with him. Brings relief. I am so thankful to everyone at Act of Love for everything they’ve done not only for my baby but for my baby but for my 3 year old son and myself. I love Act of Love and will forever hold them in my heart.

Olivia E | March 17, 2014

Act of Love has a wonderful service for people that can’t have children or financially support one. We had a great experience with them and made great friends along the way. We Love Everyone there! They make you feel like you are one big family! And everyone is very supportive! God Bless you all at Act of Love, you are doing amazing things for all the right reasons!!!! Thank you Act of Love!!!!!

PC | January 27, 2014

Our experience was real good and we appreciate everything that Act of Love did for us. Their staff was wonderful and very courteous of our needs. I had my baby early and they were there helping me right away. They made a hard time easier by their kindness.

W & L | December 23, 2013

It has been great working with Act of Love and it is truly amazing the way things work out! We had some heart break but in the end it was incredible, as you promised, and we truly understand that now that we have our beautiful baby! We thank you for all your warmth and support during the entire process. You all worked so hard on our behalf! Thank you!

Happy Parents! | December 19, 2013

We cannot thank Act of Love and especially, Jill, enough for all of the support and guidance throughout the adoption process. No matter the day or hour, you were always there if we needed anything. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude!

J & B | December 9, 2013

These guys are amazing! A+++++++ Calls were always answered. They dropped everything to talk with us. They were nice and treated us with courtesy. The information provided was very helpful and accurate. The social worker treated us with respect and dignity and Traci and Laraine were so helpful with all of our problems.

A & Y | September 27, 2013

Act of Love treated us like family. They always had time for us and our questions. During the very difficult days after birth but before signing they helped with emotional support day and night. From our 1st phone call to our drive out of town and even for years to come we have felt so very welcomed and loved by Act of Love staff.

Ken & Tonia | September 23, 2013

I would like to thank all of you at Act of Love who helped my son and I through the adoption process. You guys made a difficult decision as painless as I suppose it could be. I know adoption what was in my baby’s best interest. You all did a fantastic job helping me pick the right family for her and I’m still excited about their name choice! (The same name I had already chosen!) It was meant to be. Thanks Again Everyone!

J J | October 22, 2012

We love you guys, you’re all sweet and helpful and it’s relaxing and comfortable to work with you. So much love for Traci and Shelly was awesome!

Birth Parents N&B | August 6, 2012

We chose AAct of love after hearing an experience from one of our neighbors. I called the agency to get information and was delighted when I got a hold of Kathy. She was so amazing and helpful and put all my fears to rest! It is always so emotional when you get to this stage in life and there are so many uncertainties when it comes to planning your family. Our journey with AAct of Love was amazing from the very first phone call to the minute that our beautiful baby girl was placed in our arms! We were able to meet our amazing birth mother and her family and we felt a bond with her immediately. Our journey took us a little over a year. We had two failed adoptions where the birth moms decided to keep their babies. It was very heart wrenching and there were days where we wondered if we should continue. Every time these fears came up I would call Jill and cry on her shoulder. She would always reassure me and tell me that our baby was out there. After our baby came we new she was meant to be with us and understood why the other adoptions didn’t work out. We have had our beautiful princess now for over 4 years. There isn’t a day that goes by where we think of her birth mom or our family at A Act of Love. We will forever be grateful to Kathy and Jill and all of the wonder people that work at A Act of Love and most importantly our amazing birth mom who chose us to care and love for her baby! She will always be an angel in our eyes!.

Chris | August 29, 2013

Everyone at Act of Love was very helpful no matter the reason I called or what time of day or night. I was always treated with care and respect. I was given a lot of helpful information on options and receive what I asked for quickly. My coordinator, Jessica, answered me promptly, no matter what time I needed her. She was amazing in meeting my needs and my kids needs. My counselor gave me help on how to cope with problems I may have in the future and helped my with community resources. She offered counseling in the future when I may need it. I felt protected. I hope to someday come back and volunteer and work for A Act of Love. I felt like I had a family with me thru the whole process.

Christina | August 26, 2013

This agency is great. From the adoptive parent perspective, there was a lot of paperwork to fill out initially, but they want to do all they can to find the right birthparent for you. We thought everyone at the agency was extremely kind and helpful, always ready to answer any questions you had. We were with A Act of Love for 4 months before we were placed with a newborn. We cannot say enough about the experience. They were fantastic; so much so that we plan on using them for another adoption.

Kara | August 22, 2013

Thank you so much,loved the fast track .we got our baby in 2 1/2 months .Kathy Kunkle and her staff were hands on quick match , quick response, love the birthmoms ,truly an enspired agency .We are adopting with them again and again with them and Gods help we will complete our family.I love them.

Trina | August 19, 2013

My husband and I were blessed with two, beautiful children through the miracle of adoption. Both adoptions were facilitated through A Act of Love, and we cannot say enough about the staff of the agency. Every, single person we came into contact with was kind, compassionate, professional, efficient, informative and effective. We could not imagine traveling this journey with any other agency!

Maria | August 15, 2013

Absolutely every loving and caring person at A Act of Love is God sent. The second I walked in to their offices in Utah, I knew these were the angels who would help me find my sweet little baby girl. They were patient and helpful throughout the initial processes, and were family by the time my daughter was born. They cared as much for me as they did the beautiful birth mother, who I was able to spend an entire week, while waiting for the birth. I am so very grateful for that time we spent together. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for each and every one of the people at AAOL, and thankful for their love, support and guidance.

Adoptive mother DD | August 12, 2013

I have adopted twice through A Act of Love. Both adoptions were successful. The case workers and counselors were very good at communicating with us throughout the process and everything was as presented. They are one of the only adoption agencies that tries to work with you if you are requesting a certain sex baby. Their wait times are less than most as well in our experience. Our local agency was predicting a 2-3 year wait for a baby girl. We were holding a baby girl through A Act of Love in 10 months the first time, and in 5 months the second time! Every adoption will have challenges, as adoption is a hard process for the birth parents. Be prepared for some things to go not quite as you would have imagined in your dream scenario. But, the counselors helped us through it all and now we have two gorgeous, sweet additions to our family that I am so thankful to the Birth Mom’s and A Act of Love for!

Ann | August 8, 2013

My experience at Act of Love was very relaxing and comfortable. They always kept me busy so I wouldn’t be bored and Shelly made me feel like I was home. I also felt so loved. They also checked up on me to make sure I was okay. When I met my adoptive family I just fell in love with them. Laraine made me realize what I really wanted in a family. I can tell Laraine anything! They tried their best to get me what I needed. I just wanted to thank Act of Love.

Thankful Birthmom | August 3, 2013

I wanted to thank you and the team for being amazingly friendly, supportive, and understanding. You really were our cheerleaders and our biggest advocates. We had an experience with another agency in our local area that was really disheartening and you all pulled us back up and got us excited about the prospect of adoption again with your everyday smiles and thoughtfulness. We never had the opportunity to meet most of you, but I feel like I know you all! We have become walking advertisements for Act of Love and we continue to recommend you whenever we have the opportunity to do so! We just can’t say enough about you and we can’t thank you enough. Adopting our baby girl was one of the best things we ever did. Thank you Act of Love!

Happy Adoptive Couple | August 3, 2013

The staff worked together so well and made us feel comfortable and we know how hard they were working for us! They went above and beyond helping us through the process as an adoptive couple. The adoption happened very quickly and they took the time to follow-up with us. A Rating!!!

F.A. | June 12, 2013

It’s been 7 years since I placed my baby for adoption. I thank you so much for the awesome support. I had a hard time at first meeting the adoptive parents at first. I didn’t want to change my mind. I knew this is what was best for my baby. I kept in contact with them throughout the years. This weekend they came to my hometown and I was able to meet them They are awesome. I couldnt have picked better parents then I did. My baby is blessed to have them. My heart feels eased now that i was able to hug them and thank them for all they do. I thank A act of love for helping me find them.

So happy | May 29, 2013

I just wanted to thank you for the help you have rendered to my family and I. I am very appreciative of everything you and your staff has done and will do in the future. I will forever be grateful for your services. You have definitely touched my soul and will always be in my heart! The times we have shared are precious and will always be remembered and I will surely recommend A Act of Love to anyone that is in need of a caring staff to help find a deserving child a quality home with loving parents!! Thank you!

D (Birthfather) | May 21, 2013

I appreciate you all so much! I had to stay in the hospital for high blood pressure for a week before I delivered. You all made it so much better for me! Your staff is so amazing and helpful and I would recommend Act of Love to everyone! Thanks for making this adoption a great experience! I LOVE the adoptive parents!

Thankful Birthmom | May 7, 2013

Our daughter is six years old now. How time flies by! Thanks so much to you all for completing our family and giving us so much joy and happiness. We are forever grateful for the good work you do at Act of Love! We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Adoptive Parents | December 20, 2012

Hey Act of Love, Our daughter is now 6 months old, growing and happy. She is a beautiful angel. We cant thank you enough for making our Christmas wish come true! Happy Holidays and God bless!

Happy Family | December 20, 2012

To everyone at Act of Love, It is an extraordinary honor to have worked with you guys. I feel that I have gained a family through you guys- something I feel I never really had before. You also have given me a family with my adoptive family. The kindness you showed me when I learned about my pregnancy is what swayed my decision to place my baby for adoption. All of you showed such generosity and love. I will be eternally grateful for you guys. I am so glad I chose adoption. My baby boy is so beautiful, and I love him so much. Please be aware that your kindness can save lives!!! I love you all!!

DM | May 1, 2013

This agency’s staff is always helpful, kind, understanding and compassionate. Never have we worked with such a lovely group of people who love what they do!! You guys are the Best agency out there!

Chris & Melanie | April 2, 2013

This agency was always there to meet my needs with my work schedule and my children. I received awesome service and it was really great to just get a phone call or text to ask how I was doing and if I needed anything. I loved visiting with the adoptive couple I chose and having my children meet them. I had a great support throughout this process and highly recommend Act of Love!

F.S. | March 18, 2013

We had a goal to be matched quickly and it certainly happened going through A Act of Love! Thank you for helping us bring home the greatest blessing we could ever ask for! We will come back for another adoption and refer you to all our friends as well!

JCB | February 7, 2013

I loved how A Act of Love Adoptions felt like one big family. Everyone made me feel like I was the only client. Absolutely wonderful experience. I give this agency and A grade!

SD | February 6, 2013

We cannot say enough about how wonderful A Act of Love is. We have adopted one other time through a different agency & while we thought they did a pretty good job, it doesn’t even compare to how well we have been treated & how smoothly things went with A Act of Love. We recommend them to anyone that is adopting & will most definitely use them again in the future.

Ryan & Melissa | June 25, 2012

I was given the help I needed in a timely, professional manner. I couldn’t ask for more!

Birthmother | October 9, 2012

Having an agency that truly cared about my happiness and my baby’s happiness above all else made the most difficult choice I will ever make one of the easiest processes. I could not be happier with how smooth everything went for us. Thank you so much Act of Love!

S.B. | March 18, 2013

We are so grateful to Act of Love for their support of our birth parents as they made their decision to place their baby boy for adoption with us. We vividly recall the November night Tarilee from Act of Love called to say that the birth parents had a few more questions for us. All the while it was just a ruse to get both us on the phone, so the birth parents could tell us they had chosen us to be the adoption parents. Tarilee was with us throughout the adoption process and we were so grateful for her wisdom and guidance. When we think back to those days we spent in Utah it is truly as if heaven itself opened up and we were given a glimpse into the throne room of God. The whole experience was miraculous on so many levels. We highly recommend this agency.

Adoptive Parents in N.J. | January 2, 2013

As a birthfather, I will never forget Jaime, Jill and Act of Love Agency. You helped me in a time when I was lost and scared, you helped me feel safe and reassured me that everything would be ok. I appreciate all of what you have done for me. Have a happy new year.

Anthony | December 27, 2012

We adopted our baby boy in 2010 with A Act of Love. I have to say these are the most amazing, professional, caring and efficient agency I have ever related too. We did a lot of research and due diligence before choosing the agency and our choice was the best. Act of love is great, they are always avaliable, we talked to the birthmom of our baby and she extremely happy and satisfied with the help and support received. By the way, we were able to spend 3 days with her, even after consent was completed and she was really comfortable with how everything happened. We would recommend A Act of Love to everyone, and are looking for the opportunity to adopt our 2nd baby with them. They made this such an easy process and they did so much of the heavy lifting through our process. They are amazing!!!

Happy Family | February 7, 2013

The staff at Act of Love are very friendly, understanding and are willing to do anything they can to help you feel comfortable with the decision to place your child for adoption. they realize this is a difficult decision and they are there for you! I apprecieate all you have done for me and my boyfriend.

J & N | February 13, 2013

How can we even begin to thank you for the help you gave us on our journey to find our baby girl. You were all so patient and your guidance was incredible! Plus, Jill took time from her own family to help us with our miracle! We are so happy. She is such a joy, we are forever grateful!!!

C & S | December 20, 2012

I cannot say enough about A Act of Love. I have become the poster child for this agency and have recommended it numerous times!!! We did adoption classes with another agency and thought they would be our placing agency. That changed–due to their treatment of us and timing. A Act of Love took us in!!! I would absolutely use them again!!!!!

NJ | December 4, 2012

We wanted to say a special thank you to Tarilee and Shelly. These two ladies were amazing during the adoption process. Tarilee answered all e-mails and returned all phone calls in a very timely fashion. She kept us posted whenever she had any new information on our adoption and helped alleviate any worries we were having. Both of these ladies were helpful in our first meeting with our birth mom. They made sure the set up was comfortable for all and kept the conversation moving. We are glad they were able to make it as least awkward as possible. Also, both ladies were at the hospital at the time of birth and were a great support system to our birth mom and us. We can’t say enough great things about them. If we were to work with Act of Love in the future, we would want them to both be a part of the process! Thank you!!!!

Thankful Adoptive Parents | November 1, 2012

I want to thank you for your encouraging words and respect. Meeting Jill in person was an awesome experience. Listening to her words gave me so much strength in my adoption decision. I’m lucky our paths crossed. I hope our road doesn’t end here.

Grateful Birthparent | November 15, 2012

I have given a child up for adoption through A Act of Love before. It was last year. I had such a wonderful experience with this organization that when I became pregnant again and decided adoption was once again the right direction, I couldn’t think of a better organization to go through.

Anonymous | May 30, 2012

We most liked the services of the support of our birth mother and the support during placement.

Myriam and Nicholas | May 17, 2012

We liked the courteous staff and quick results.

Matthew and Monica | May 21, 2012

We liked the sincere dedication to adoption.

Chad and Jessica | May 22, 2012

The thing we liked BEST was the attention we were given, felt very sincere and that all involved truly care about our concerns and needs.

Brad and Lindsay | June 7, 2012

You were all exceptional. You worked to my level of professionalism and trust. I liked their sincere dedication to adoption.

Melissa | June 11, 2012

I liked how much time and love was given to our birth mom. I knew she was in good hands even when we left.

Julie and Randal | June 11, 2012

I love Act of Love for so many reasons, but most of all because it’s got a mom and pop feel. We are all family through this wonderful agency.

Daria and Dean | June 11, 2012

I was very satisfied with everything. Everyone was great and our baby boy is precious. Would not change a thing. Everyone is friendly and kind hearted.

Kristy and Mason | June 11, 2012

You guys did a great job, thank you so much.

Roberto and Lourdes | June 11, 2012

My coordinator was wonderful. Everything was PERFECT. THANKS for everything.

Felicia | June 11, 2012

Our coordinator was GREAT. We give the agency an A rating.

Sharon and Billy | June 11, 2012

The treatment was good. My coordinator was amazing and my social worker was kind. I thank you all so much.

Sarah and Tyson | June 8, 2012

Friendly staff. I Love you guys.

Brittni and Michael | June 7, 2012

My social worker was a true blessing in my life. She helped memore than she will ever know. She gave me comfort, counseling, love, peace of mind, self-worth, strength and so much more. I know she had several other girls she was working with but she honestly made me feel like I was the ONLY one. She was here for me whenever I needed her. She has a way of making you feel truly special. I love her dearly.

Britney | May 29, 2012

Everyone was so nice and caring. I felt so comfortable with everyone and I am so thankful I chose such an EXCELLENT agency. THANKS YOU ALL

Judy | May 24, 2012

The thing that got me to decide which agency to use is how kindly I was treated when I first called. I had a negative experience with another agency.

Heather | May 16, 2012

Everyone has been amazing through this experience. It was amazing and I felt so much support and love. My coordinator is the best person I’ve ever met in my life.

Lindsey | May 22, 2012

She was amazing. Treated me as one of her own and made sure I had everything. Couldn’t have been more helpful. LOVE you guys. Never met a more loving, welcoming, sweet staff. Seriously.

Sarah | May 21, 2012

I felt so cared for and thought about and loved. I was treated so well. I truly felt loved and cared for. So personal and so loving. I would most definitely come back.

Sarah S | May 17, 2012

I will forever be grateful to you all. You have done so much. You are all so kind, and we love your energy! My coordinator is an amazing person, I’m so glad we met, she helped me get through it all.

Grateful Birth Parents | October 12, 2012

There are no words that could sufficiently and accurately describe how I feel for you guys at Act of Love. It is my feeling that we are blessed to have come to know each other. You helped me find a part of my family, and for that I can never thank you enough.

TM | March 21, 2013

I loved having your agency staff every step of the way. You were there for me & the birth father from day one, thank you!

Birthmother | July 31, 2012

We really liked the customer service! The staff was very kind, courteous, and receptive to our needs.

John & Sheila | August 6, 2012

We loved working with Laraine & Traci while getting our baby. They are wonderful!

R & J | September 20, 2012

Our adoption experience through A Act of Love was so smooth that we were amazed. The staff take wonderful care of the birthmoms all the way through the process, which was very important to us. While we were in Salt Lake City, they were in constant contact with us and with the birth mom. It couldn’t have gone better, and we’ll always be grateful to A Act of Love for leaving us not only with our wonderful son, but also with very positive memories of the adoption process.

Jane and Jacob | June 20, 2012

We have adopted both of our sons through your agency and have had a wonderful experience both times. The staff is so caring and always willing to help with any questions or concerns.

Steve & Kimberlee | June 20, 2012

We want you all to know what a blessing Act of Love has been to us, and the entire adoption experience has been so incredible! We are so very thankful that God led us to your agency and will always know that His will has been accomplished in our adoption journey. We have enjoyed getting to know some of the staff; you are all an amazing group of people that take delight in your “jobs” each day! What a blessing you all have been to us!! Thank you, Act of Love, for this difficult, but beautiful ride. It was not easy at times, but like so many have said before, “It truly was worth it!” May God continue to bless you and the families you serve each and every day.

Eric & Kelly | November 21, 2012

Thank you Act of Love for everything you have done for us. We had a very hard decision to make but you made it possible for us to give our little girl a great life. You made us feel like part of a family…for that we will always keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

W & S | November 28, 2012

The thing we liked best about Act of Love was the feeling of being in a place where everyone wants to help you and is understanding of your feelings and needs. Thank You!

New Parents! | September 6, 2012

I can’t put into words how much I appreciate everything you’ve done. I’m so thankful that I met you. You took care of me and didn’t treat me like it was just a job. And you were always there when I needed someone! Thank You, Jaime so much!!

M & A | September 21, 2012

I think that Act of Love Adoption Agency is wonderful and they really looked out for us! We really appreciated it and Shelly is awesome! Act of Love is a great group of people to work with! They made the process very relaxing!

D & G | November 9, 2012

We appreciate the support I have received from you guys. It was exactly what we needed. Thank You!

M & B | November 5, 2012

Everyone at Act of Love was super nice. We had a great experience. Everything went smoothly and we have a beautiful baby girl thanks to all of their hard work.

Celina & Mario | September 10, 2012

It’s been about seven weeks since my husband and I put our baby up for adoption. We went through our own personal storm of course, but it’s a decision I do not regret. When our adoptive family’s profile was delivered to us, we weren’t really sure. It’s not natural ever giving up a child; it shouldn’t be. But what made us sure – was seeing the simple signs that the couple was good people. Meeting them was awkward, but the family gave the vibe of kindness, something humanity needs; what the world lacks. They were kind, caring, loving, people looking for their baby, which I was carrying. They already were well over qualified, going through the courses with CPR training and home studying. When we met them they were so enthusiastic to be there. Their hearts were already attached to what life I was carrying. I felt selfish to request to keep the baby to myself for a day after the delivery, but I have the right to be. What happens after labor is the curious part, because after your mind is going through so much just to get away. Thinking we’d be booted out of his life. But we found out we were able to bring home baby pictures, and through our personal storm was the bright sun shine of light. Because after leaving, we knew the kind of people they were, we had seen them parenting their own adopted daughter. And now we get to rest easy knowing our son will know he was never a burden, but will have two families that love him dearly. Though I might not be there with him, I know they’ll reassure him our hearts are hugging his. I’ll forever remember his cries, baby coo’s, and him grabbing our fingers looking up at us. And when/if he is ever ready, we choose to be found. While in Utah, where A Act of Love is, they had someone to drive us, not only as a chauffeur but as a friend to cry with. In the end you’re brought to your breaking point, but Act of Love Agency tries to make is as easy as they possibly can for you; they become damn near family too! I walked away with confidence my son was going to grow up safe and someday will be able to go to college if he chooses to because of our decision. And when our son ever becomes ready to meet his brothers, we’ll all be here waiting.

Joslynn | July 11, 2011

We had a great experience with A Act of Love after spending years waiting with another agency. We were losing hope, but A Act of Love gave us hope and we were chosen by a birth mother quickly. Our birth mother was great and our son is perfect.

Rob and Jen | June 20, 2012

Act of Love has been amazing. They walked us through the whole process and really made us feel comfortable about adopting. These people don’t just work there, they have adopted children themselves and can answer even the most obscure questions. If we ever choose to adopt again we will be back.

Nick and Brynn | June 25, 2012

Simply stated, THEY CARE. But even that doesn’t begin to cover it. It’s hard to find the words to tell someone how amazing this agency is without sounding like they paid you to say it. They’d actually have to pay me to stop talking about them first! From the moment I called, to the moment I placed my daughter into my adoptive family’s arms, they were there. Choosing this agency was the best decision I ever made. Like any adoption there were moments when you’re trying to find a family that you feel best fits you, but once you find them, you just know. Before choosing adoption, like anyone, I had a small view of what took place in an adoption, I knew there were different types of adoption, like open, closed, and semi-open, but what I didn’t realize is the impact that choosing adoption made on not just me, but the family I chose as well. It is because of A Act of Love that I am confident in saying “I chose adoption for my child, and have been blessed by the experience”. This agency is like nothing I’ve known before; they love on all their birth moms and help till it hurts. Everyone at this agency has impacted my life, From Kathy the founder, to Angie my coordinator, and everyone in between. We shared stories, memories, and laughs that would make you cry, they are my family now. I am SO thankful that there is agencies like this out there, no matter what state you live in, to what adoption plan you choose; they’re right next to you the entire way. If there was any way of giving them more than 5 stars on a review I would do it.

Noelle | September 22, 2011

After talking to several agencies, I chose A Act of Love because they answered all my questions, provided references and as a single adoptive mom, were always supportive and never made me feel that I couldn’t be successful in adoption. I also liked the support they provide to birthmothers. Throughout the process they helped with all my questions and concerns and were available anytime I needed to talk. I have recommended this agency to others and would chose them again if I decide to adopt a second child. They really make you feel like part of their family during this journey.

Lisa | July 31, 2012

Great, they were great with our birthmoms. They seemed to support them in anyway they needed. Sometimes birthmoms were not honest with information, but AAOL gave us what information they had. Felt rushed on some things but overall very supported. They helped us get through all the paperwork and made sure things were done properly.

Michel | November 21, 2011

We adopted our little guy Chase from Act of Love and it was the best experience possible, it was extremely fast too. They called up one day and said they had a situation and asked if we were interested; about a month and a half later we were holding a newborn from Atlanta. He is 10 months old now and we just adore him. I highly recommend this agency to anyone.

Eric | November 7, 2009

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