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Don’t let Lack of Funds Stop You From Adopting

There are many Americans who would love to adopt either domestically or abroad, but the high costs prohibit them from doing so. One young couple had recently paid off their school debt and were determined not to go into debt for adoption. They felt that debt puts people into a bad situation. There feeling is: when you are taking responsibility for a child, you should be financially secure.

With that in mind, they were still determined to adopt. So they began to think creatively. Having worked as missionaries they were used to fundraising. They felt it would be a good way to help them raise funds for their adoption.

They came up with an extremely simple fundraising idea. It was a puzzle fundraiser. They found a 1,000-piece puzzle with a popular Bible verse referencing children. The idea was to sell each piece for $25 and write the name of the purchaser on the back of the piece. They felt that this was a way to invite people to participate in the adoption with them.

During the time they were fundraising, they were connected with a birth mother from another state. They were thrilled as they anticipated the birth of their child.

The puzzle fundraiser raised $18,000! It helped cover the costs of the adoption and their travel to California where the baby was delivered. They were able to pay for the entire adoption without going into debt.

This couple went on to help other raise money to fund their adoption journey. They have walked several couples through the puzzle fundraiser. They have also helped others recognize different ways to raise money. Garage sales and karaoke nights are two that have been successful.

Others have business owners donate products and services for online auctions or community dinners. Hopeful adoptive parents can begin trimming their budgets and thinking of creative ways to spend less money and cut unnecessary expenses.

The popular saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” certainly applies to adoption. You will be able to afford an adoption if you are determined to do so. Don’t forget about grants and companies that help their employees with a portion of the adoption costs.

Sources: There’s no question, it takes effort but if you are determined to adopt, Don’t let money be what stops you.