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Family is What You Make of It

When I was mere three-year-old little girl, my mother and biological father realized their marriage was no longer working. Pregnant with my beloved sister, my parent’s had to wait until my mother gave birth to my sister before their divorce could be finalized. Neither my arrival nor my sister’s was unplanned nor unexpected. However, the course of events that proceeded to unfold after our arrival proved to tell an entirely different story and change the course of our lives’ forever.

Shortly after our parents’ divorce was finalized our Mom met and fell in love with a wonder man. From this point forward I will refer to this man as my Dad, because he more than earned that title. Our Mom and Dad were married and shortly thereafter and we welcomed another baby sister. My middle sister and myself rarely, if ever, heard from our biological father. On the rare occasions that we did, he filled us with empty promises that he never intended on fulfilling, breaking our innocent and confused hearts time and time again.

Much to our Mom and Dad’s credit, they never uttered a bad word about our biological father. I don’t know how they did it, but for us, they did and I will always be grateful. My sister and I were able to independently develop and form our own opinions and feelings about our biological father, and more importantly, later spare our children from the heartache he so callously bestowed upon us.

You may be wondering why I’ve chosen to share such a person aspect of my life? Well, I believe, beyond any reasonable doubt, that it’s important for any expectant mother considering adoption to realize the unconditional love and support an adoptive parent will be able to offer your unborn child, should you chose adoption. My Dad was there for every one of my basketball games, my First Communion, he served as my sponsor at my Confirmation, proudly watched me receive both my high school and college diplomas, walked me down the aisle to my eagerly awaiting groom when I got married, and stayed at the hospital for nearly 36 hours while I was in labor with his first grandchild. That’s right. HIS first grandchild. Family isn’t always blood. Family are the people who show up when it matters, who love you unconditionally, who pick you up when you fall, and who celebrate your successes with you. Family are the people who make conscious decisions to be active, involved, loving, and supportive participants in your life every single day., an all inclusive website dedicated to providing expectant mothers with both a comprehensive and helpful listing of adoption agencies and resources in the United States, including my personal favorite,, is an invaluable resource for all things adoption. Available 24/7 via phone at 844-877-8716, I encourage you to reach out. After speaking with one of their supportive and experienced adoption professionals, I truly believe you’ll feel a great sense of relief, support, and encouragement regarding your choice. professionals will help you realize the selfless and beautiful gift of love that is adoption.