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Foster care child receives adoption wish

One 18 year old foster child had something to cheer about on Christmas Day, which also happened to be her birthday! Lianca Wilson was put into foster care where her mother was killed in a car accident when she was 11 years old. Since that time, her dream was to become an adoptive child in a real family. Each year, her hopes were dashed as she became one year older and closer to aging out of the system on her 18th birthday.

Last May, something miraculous happened. The foster family Lianca was living with was going to Disney world. Having been there before, Lianca did not want to go again. So, she was put into respite care, with another foster approved family while her foster family traveled.

Lianca was a quiet girl. At age 13 she was diagnosed with Leukemia, As a result, she suffered from having three strokes and seizures. Her short term memory has been affected and she loses her thoughts quickly. The six children in the family easily bonded with Lianca and that is when their mother really began to get to know her.

Lianca really opened up to the respite care mother. They bonded as well. Then the time came for Lianca to return to her foster family. The respite mom handed Lianca her phone number and she left but never called. A few weeks later, the respite care mother received a call from Foster Care to follow up on Lianca’s stay and the respite mom told them how much she missed her and felt like Lianca should be one of her children. She expressed her need to adopt Lianca

It seemed as though it were a miracle. Many people worked hard to make it happen and Lianca became an official member of her forever family on December 15, 2016, just 10 days before her birthday! Lianca was thrilled and expressed how much she loved her new family! She exclaimed that she loved having an older sister and wouldn’t change her new family for anything in the world!

Sources: The News Star