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Gift of Adoption Helps Adoptive Families Fund Adoptions

Non profit organization, Gift of Adoption, is a unique nonprofit. One hundred percent of every donation goes directly to an adoption. Gift of Adoption was started in 1996 by Wisconsin couple, Gene and Lucy Wyka, who are parents of three adopted children. It began as a private family foundation, but In 2001, Gift of Adoption was turned into a nonprofit. Today, Gift of Adoption has nearly 20 chapters and has awarded $5.4 million to nearly 2,000 adoptive families across the United States.

The grants range from $1,000 to $7,500 to adoptive parents in the last phase of adoption. Anyone looking to receive financial help for their adoption may apply. This include married, gay, straight singles and couples from all income levels. Names are redacted while applications are reviewed to remain fair. The idea is that if a person wants to adopt and raise a child, the nonprofit organization is there to help them.

Based out of Chicago, Gift of Adoption has a 45 member investor board that covers employee wages and cost of business. Each of the board members agree to give a minimum of $7,500 over a three year period. This program ensures donors that every dime of their contribution will go toward making an adoption happen. The board is made up mainly of those who have been personally blessed by adoption in their lives. One member describes the days he adopted his three children. He calls them the best three days of his life. He now serves on Gift of Adoption’s national grant committee and its Minnesota Board helping others to have the same experience.

With adoptions at $35,000 and higher, many families cannot cover the entire cost on their own. One of the main roadblocks hindering most potential adoptive parents is the costs. Usually they have already spent thousands on infertility treatments only to find themselves unable to conceive.

Those who have been helped by Gift of Adoption often give their time in turn to allow the nonprofit help others. An adoptive mom who was helped by Gift of Adoption helps others by counseling with couples curious about adoption. Another is a major advocate of a celebrity golf tournament in Minneapolis that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for the organization. This adoptive Dad promised God that if he and his wife ever were able to adopt, he would pay it back tenfold. Once they had their adoptive daughter in their arms, they kept their promise and immediately began charity work supporting adoption.

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