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Is The Material Girl Adopting Again?

It has been widely reported that Madonna is considering adopting two more children from Malawi. She has been connected with the country for many years and adopted her son, David in 2006 and her daughter, Mercy in 2007. Both children are 11 years old and were adopted from a Malawian orphanage.

Madonna has participated in an abundance of charity work in the Malawi. She founded an organization called Raising Malawi to help this African nation. Currently, Raising Malawi will begin building the country’s first pediatric surgery and intensive care unit. It will be named the Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care.

A spokesperson for the Malawian government told media members that Madonna is waiting court approval for her pending adoption. He said she made a High Court appearance on January 25 and that the adoption application approval could take up to three weeks.

After the media began reporting, Madonna issued a statement claiming she was not planning another Malawian adoption and the rumors were completely untrue. She said she was in Malawi to check on the children’s hospital and her other work with Raising Malawi. She said she would be heading home after that work was completed.

In the month of December 2016, Madonna held a fundraising dinner in Florida which included a $5,000 a plate dinner. Her son, David, joined her on stage, thanking her for allowing him to be one of the lucky ones. Fifty percent of Malawian citizens are under 15 years old and most are completely dependent on the government to survive.

Some believe Madonna is just waiting for court approval before she announces her new adoption. The world will know sometime during the next three weeks.