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National Adoption Day is Coming!

These days it seems we have a “National Day” for everything. From “National Siblings Day” to “National Donut Day” one is sure to find a “National Day” for something just by scrolling through social media.

November 18th is a day we should all take note of. Since being founded in the year 2000 by The Alliance for Children’s Rights, Children’s Action Network, Freddie Mac Foundation, and Dave Thomas’ Foundation for Adoption (, National Adoption Day strives to raise awareness for the more than 110,000 foster children waiting for families (

Every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving more than 300 events are held across all 50 states to finalize adoptions of children in foster care. Since its inception in 2000, more than 65,000 adoptions have been finalized. Last years numbers were amazing with more than 5,100 children adopted out of foster care.

In an age when everyday seems to carry with it some kind of designation, how refreshing is it to see the positivity of a day worthy of its designation? I can think of no more worthy a day than National Adoption Day. estimates that 59% of annual American adoptions come through the child welfare (or foster) system, a stark contrast to the 15% voluntary relinquished American adoptions.

So from now on, as you mindlessly scroll through your social media accounts and are, undoubtedly, inundated with “Happy National Ice Cream Day” posts, try to remember that oh so important Saturday in November when hundreds upon hundreds of events are help across our great nation in an attempt to place the more than 110,000 children living in foster care waiting for their loving families to find them and take them home.