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Proposed California Law! On Abortion!

Recently, California has proposed a bill that, if passed, will require both public and private insurers to cover abortion fully. Obviously, this news immediately caught our attention at A Act of Love Adoptions, (, so we began conducting some research and looking further into what all this means and how it will potentially effect the adoption community. While many states, including Massachusetts and New York, have fairly liberal abortion laws, Elizabeth Nash, State Policy Analyst With The Guttmacher Institute, has went on record declaring, “California is basically in a class by itself,” regarding abortion laws and proposed mandated coverages. To the surprise of few, the proposed bill has left California policy makers at odds with Federal Policy Makers whom are desperately trying to repeal and replace Obama Care, also known as The Affordable Care Act (ACA).

During our research we discovered more shocking and saddening information. In 2014, (the most current statistics available), reports that 157,350 abortions were performed, with 88,466 of said abortions paid for with public funds. The same source estimates the cost of these procedures to be a whopping $98,343,750. The source reports 40% of all unplanned pregnancies tragically ending in abortion.

In an age where experts estimate that somewhere between one and two million couples in the United States of America are currently waiting to adopt, (, at the average cost of $39,966, and countless other couples are struggling to afford the estimated $20,000 cost associated with in-vitro, (, A Act of Love Adoptions, (, can’t help but wonder how we, as a humane society, can allow this to happen?

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