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Things to Keep In Mind When Considering Adoption

You may find yourself considering adoption as an option for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you’re financially unable to provide for a child right now or maybe your relationship isn’t a solid one that you feel comfortable welcoming a child into. No matter what reasons have you considering adoption, its important for you to remember that adoption is never about not wanting a child. Rather, adoption is the ultimate gift of love. Here are a few things that encourages you to keep in mind when considering adoption as an option.

  • Just because you place a child for adoption doesn’t mean your baby isn’t wanted. If anything, it means you value human life and want to share this precious gift with another family.
  • Choosing adoption means that you place your baby’s life above all others. A deep parental love means that parents are able to self-sacrifice and put their babies’ needs above their own.
  • Birth parents do have the right to choose their own adoptive parents. This can help ease the process, giving you the opportunity to conduct in-person and interview assessments. If you prefer not to meet the adoptive parents face-to-face, consider thoroughly combing through prospective parent profiles, determining which couples’ needs best meet the parenting requirements you prefer for your child.
  • You can see your baby upon giving birth, but only if you desire. You may even keep a picture of your baby, if you wish.
  • Even if prospective adoptive parents are from another state, there are many ways to handle these legalities, which include prospective adoptive parents paying for interstate attorneys. Adoption agencies or prospective adoptive parents are responsible for all adoption-related costs and fees; picking up additional adoption expenses, such as medical, counseling and attorney fees is also part of this process.
  • In many states, there is a waiting period where adoptions are not final immediately. This gives birth-parents ample opportunity to change their minds, especially if they experience doubts or regrets.

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