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When faced with an unexpected pregnancy a woman must make many decisions. To parent or to choose adoption is a huge choice that thousands of women are faced with every year in the United States. For those of you who have decided that adoption is best for you, we at have compiled a list of things you should consider when choosing adoption.

1.First and foremost, and we can’t emphasize this enough, do your homework! You’ll want to ensure that any agency you’re considering working with is licensed.

2. Seek out experienced professionals. You should expect agency staff to be able to provide you with their background information, education, and number of years experience.

3. You should expect a high-quality pre-adoption orientation, education, and training. Expectant mothers, fathers, and adoptive families need and deserve high-quality pre and post-adoption services. The agency should always be available to provide referrals and support to both birth parents and adoptive parents.

4. Look for an agency whose information you trust. Don’t jump at the first agency that tells you exactly what you want to hear. You’ll need to know all of the local adoption laws and regulations, fees associated with the process, and services offered.

5. Pay attention to the level of responsiveness. Whether an expecting parent or a prospective adoptive parent, your agency should always answer any questions you may have thoroughly and in a timely fashion. (List Courtesy of (

Now that you know exactly what you should be looking for, you may be unsure where to start. The Internet is a big place, and we all know we can’t trust everything we read on the Internet. One website that you can absolutely trust is is a great resource for both expectant parents and those wishing to adopt. With over 1,000 adoption resources, touts itself as “an all-inclusive website dedicated to providing a comprehensive and helpful listing of adoption agencies and adoption resources in the United States.” When you’re ready to start your journey, start with us at

In conclusion, has a final word of advice. They believe “the goal of adoption is not to place a child in a family, but for a child to thrive in a family.” Any good agencies should operate under this philosophy.